D Design is an interior design and decorating firm based on the collaborative work of talented artists and professional trades under the supervision and coordination of the leading creative director and founder, Daria Fedoseieva. The firm’s primary goal is to create beautiful and safe environments that represent the client and their personality. D Design work is entirely client-oriented, aiming to create unique spaces with clients’ needs and wishes in mind.


I see myself as an artist who uses space rather than canvas to create masterpieces. When I work with new spaces, I like to take the opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and inspire the physical world around my clients through interior design. To introduce myself further, you should know that I have always had a creative mind with a passion for aesthetics and function. As I was surrounded by innovators, builders, and electricians from a young age, I quickly realized that interior design was my passion. I learned how to take space and create an experience that would immerse visitors into a story. Having clients worldwide allows me to inspire myself by absorbing new cultures and surrounding myself with their historic architecture. Having over ten years of hands-on project experience and more than five years of relevant education never stops me from seeking new trends and innovations in my field. I take each project as my new masterpiece and manage all the projects from conception to completion, curating the development of signature spaces that would represent the D Design brand. I prioritize client vision while maintaining overall architecture and merging them into cohesive, functional, and contemporary design.